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Saki Hikari Colour - 7 oz - $24.99

The variety of forms, unique patterns and vibrant colours of the goldfish have engaged the attention of persons worldwide for almost two millenniums now. 

 Described already in ancient writings from the Tsin Dynasty dating to about 300 A.D., China boasts the earliest documented accounts of goldfish breeding and keeping.   The fixation with this lovely creature is further revealed in the depictions found on Chinese pottery art. It was during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1643 A.D.) that the goldfish craze and diversification of breeding spread as frequent exports to Japan took place.

Europe’s love affair with the fair goldfish did not burgeon until the 1700s. In fact, France's King Louis XV was known to have gifted exquisite goldfish to one of his mistresses, the Marquise de Pompadour, to win her affections.  Later, the famous French Fauvist painter Henri Matisse made as his subject, the goldfish, in a series of his works, the most famous of which is the ‘Goldfish’ painted in 1912.

North America was among the last to be introduced to the lovely goldfish in the 1870s when brought from Japan by Admiral Daniel Ammon.  Nevertheless, the short acquaintance has been characterized by equally intense passion and zeal for the graceful pet.

The art of goldfish keeping and selective breeding has been cultivated over these past centuries and across all these continents with great devotion. It is now further enhanced by modern technology and know-how.  Today old traditions are fused with modern techniques to mint only the highest quality in Ontario, Canada. The Fish Sempai's goldfish collection does not include the common goldfish found in the aisles of your local fish or general pet store.  Rather, it's distinguished array is populated only with hand selected, hard-to-find, rare specimens.

Our fine Koi collection showcases many varieties from both Japan and Malaysia, but is available seasonally only.

Our high quality fish are homebred or imported from our associates’ fish farms in southeast Asia. To ensure that our customers receive only the finest quality, any imported fish are kept in quarantine before availability for sale within Canada, the United States and South America. 

The Fish Sempai welcomes all questions and extends an invitation to all hobbyists and clubs to visit his fish farm located in Cambridge Ontario by appointment. 

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