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Visit To Tung Hoi Farms, China  In October 2005, the Fish Sempai travelled to mainland China in search of the rarest, most beautiful specimens ever cultivated. He found them at Tung Hoi Aquarium Company's fish farms.

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Welcomed by the Bronze Buddha

Arriving in Hong Kong at the midday, one can sometimes catch a glimpse of the famous world's largest Buddha sitting high on a mountain on Lantau island.From Hong Kong,were pleased to make our way in the daylight onto the right bus going towards Guangzhou.With the famous Canton Fair taking place at the time, there were convoys of buses going in that direction, and we could not have been more pleased to eventually find ourselves outside of that populated stream and moving towards our destination by Dongguan.
For the ardent hobbyist, visiting a goldfish farm such as that of the Tung Hoi Aquarium Company is an experience that cannot be surpassed! At least this was the case for the Fish Sempai in October 2005 when visiting the Tung Hoi team in Guangdong province, mainland China, to learn first hand about their operations and to discerningly hand select rare fancy goldfish to bring back to North America.

Welcome to Tung Hoi Aquarium

Tung Hoi Fish Farm

Like well oiled machinery, the extensive farms run smoothly and effectively under the supervision of Jackie and Louis Chan. These brothers have coupled their science and business expertise to produce nothing but the best and finest goldfish we have ever seen - anywhere!It is no surprise that the World Guiness Record for the longest fish emanated from this dynamic team's efforts.Nothing was haphazard. Rather every facet of the Tung Hoi fish farms, from the breeding to the growth promotion stage to the sale and travel of its wonderful specimens, was evidently the product of careful thought, prudent planning, laborious effort and experience…lots and lots of experience.
The success of the fish farm is strongly reinforced by a dedicated staff, who are regularly educated on all aspects of goldfish, breeding, and keeping. They were fully able to respond to any questions posed to them. Curiously, the operations were similar to that of the traditional French kitchen. Each person has their specialized area of expertise, from the 'Entremettier' who prepares the soups, vegetables and appetizers, to the 'Saucier' who perfects the sauces, to the 'Chef Tournant' or jack of all trades trained to fill in where required. So too, the Tung Hoi staff members each had their specialty.Some were specifically responsible for the development of the rich, nutritious food fed to the millions of new fry bred each year, while others were trained in its careful preparation and administration. Others monitored the quality of the waters, and maintained the ponds. Then there were those attending to the sick fish, or those who carefully oxygenate and pack the fish to be transported far or near.

The Tung Hoi Team

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