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Visit To Tung Hoi Farms, China  In October 2005, the Fish Sempai travelled to mainland China in search of the rarest, most beautiful specimens ever cultivated. He found them at Tung Hoi Aquarium Company's fish farms.

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Ravenous Calico Ranchus

Imagine seeing more beautiful fish in one setting than there are days in a year!  These hungry calico ranchus were so eager to greet us, and reluctantly we admit that it was likely not due to our charming personalities, but rather to the possibility of another feeding!  Over the past decade, Tung Hoi fish farms developed its own fish food to ensure optimum health, growth, colour and overall vitality.  But aside from these beneficial characteristics, it was evident that the food must be tasty too.  The heady anticipation of these fish come feeding time indicated that they really savoured their meals!      
If Ryukins are your fish of choice, you'd have relished seeing this collection housed in Tung Hois concrete outdoor ponds!  If red comes in 1000 shades, they were all to be found here from an electrifying orangy hue to a deep blood red.  The breadth of pigmentation variation among the Ryukins alone reminded us of the intense individuality of each fish even among its like peers.    

Red Ryukin Collection

Packing and Shipping Practices

The Fish Sempai marvelled at the fastidious workmanship of every aspect of the Tung Hoi operations.  Careful observation was given to the size and quantity of the fish to be packed and shipped out to buyers, and the distance and time required for travel.  The Tung Hoi practices recognized that overpacking results in the compromised health of the fish upon arrival or even death.  To be transported from mainland China to Toronto, Canada up to 45 hours can be required.    To prepare the fish for such journeys, they would be moved from their regular ponds into a cooling area to allow their temperatures to be slowly lowered.  From there, they would be packed in plastic bags and properly oxygenated before enclosure in the styrofoam boxes for shipment.  The staff was meticulously alive to the grave consequences that can result from miscalculation.    

Tung Hoi's goal is boldly painted and posted at its main fish farm for all to see and to be reminded of each day.  Its goal has several components to it.  The first part of the goal, to create a Guiness World Record, was already met by Tung Hoi's "Bruce", the world's largest goldfish measuring over 37 centimeters long.  To nurture a quality goldfish that is the size of a housecat is nothing short of remarkable.  This feat invites all serious hobbyists to hone their goldfish keeping skills and see how large they can ween their "kids" to be!  It certainly set a high standard for the Fish Sempai to work towards. 

Tung Hoi's Goal

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