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Canada and U.S.A Shipping Policy


• U.S orders are shipped one Wednesday each month
• Dependent on the volume of U.S. orders, we may ship twice in one month, or once in two months
• U.S shipments arrive on the next day by 10.30 AM. (Ship on Wed., you receive Thurs.) DIRECT to your door with UPS
• U.S customers do not need to obtain custom clearance; we do this for you
• Canadian orders are shipped out on Wednesdays & Friday every week with Air Canada, West Jet or Can Jet.
• Canadian customers pick up orders from the closest airport, or some areas delivery to your door may be possible, and if you live in the Greater Toronto area you can pick up directly from our urban fish farm


• We can ship any amount of live fish.
• All our fish are packed in 6 mm plastic bags with oxygen & then put into a insulated Styrofoam corrugated box and proper labels
• There is no additional packing or box fee


• No minimum dollar value amount is required to place an order, but it is of better value to the client to order more than one fish
• Our Goldfish and Koi prices are in
Canadian dollars
• Visa and Master Card are accepted
• All payments are in Canadian dollars
• A credit card number is required to put a fish on hold
• All payments are charged to the credit card 2 days before the shipping date

Cost of shipping a box

• U.S shipping cost per box is charged a flat rate $100 Cdn. to anywhere in U.S.
• Canadian shipping rate range: $100 - $125 Cdn. (dependent on flight & location), Ontario we can ship direct  door to door for $50-$60 Cdn.

• Future shipping cost per box is subject to change for Cdn. & U.S. without notice.

Our Guarantee

• The very fish that you order is that which you will receive
• All fish have been quarantined for a minimum of 30 days before sale
• We ship out only healthy and live fish
• Should the fish you have chosen become sick, even the night before shipping, we will not send it out, but will nurse it, monitor the situation and update you
• If a fish dies in transit and is dead upon arrival, to facilitate a credit back, we require a phone call immediately & a digital photo of the fish to be emailed to us within 3 hours of the flight arrival
• Like virtually all pet stores, we do not guarantee the fish’s condition thereafter

Before your fish arrive

• Place water in holding tank at least 3 days before ship date to de-chlorinate
• Add  .3% salt
• Make sure to add an air stone to supply plenty of oxygen
• Have a proper filter system in place in a cycled tank or aquarium

When your fish arrive

• When you receive your fish, first open the box and check that the fish are still active in the bag
• Remove the bag containing the fish from the box and place it into your holding tank
• Let the bag float for about 15-20 minutes allowing bag’s temperature to adjust
• Then open the bag and pour 1-2 cups of the tank’s water into the bag - then let it float for another 10 minutes
• After that remove the fish from the bag into the tank & throw away the bag water
• Do not introduce the bag’s water into your tank or aquarium
• Do not feed you fish on the 1st day of arrival or until after 24 hours passed
• Monitor your water parameters for the next weeks
• Do 10% water changes weekly
• Some items you may want to have on hand: - Medigold, Malifex, Prime, and Salt.

All the best and May God bless you.
The Fish Sempai.

© Copyright 2011, all rights reserved.